An Insight Into Collection Of 3D Jewellery Designs
29.08.2016 16:56

                                                  3D jewellery designs | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

3D printing is the latest craze in the market. 3D printing is a revolutionary advancement, which has led to unique designing scopes. This technology is an emerging trendsetting one in the jewellery industry. Today you can find exotic collections of 3D design jewelleries over the net or even in shops. Some of the merchandises are sole entrepreneurs of 3D designer jewels. These collections not only flaunt exclusive designs, out of the way art work, but include less labour too. 

Advantages of 3D jewellery designs

  • You have the utmost upper hand in personalizing your jewelleries. 
  • You can get 3D jewellery designs n a wide range of materials.
  • You can design your own jewellery with the help of 3D printing software.
  • You can obtain exclusive and innovative designs since you don’t have to pay for artwork labour.
  • You can create solid designs within minutes, the only time consuming affair is to design the 3D file.

Environment Friendly 

The making and customizing procedure of 3D jewelleries include minimum threat to the environment. In conventional jewellery making a lot of CO2 is produced and emitted, since the gold or other jewellery works mostly incorporate the use of fire. However, in 3D printed jewelleries you get ready made custom jewelleries just by printing them. However, it is true that you essentially need to have the idea and knowledge of which type material to be used, in which form, etc.

Where to Find 3D Jewellery Designs

If you are looking for exclusive 3D jewel designs you can look for designer jewellery shops in your city who are merchandise of 3D jewellery designs. Since 3D printing is rapidly gaining popularity with time, it is easy to find designer showrooms of 3D jewelleries. Moreover, there is the global market over the internet, the emarket where you can find exclusive collection designer 3D jewellery pieces. Starting from ear rings to necklace, pendants to bracelets, the huge enticing collection of jewelleries made with latest 3D printing technology will sweep you off your feet. 

You can gift this kind 3D jewellery to your close ones. You can also collect one for yourself. Moreover, if you have an idea or imagination of a particular design you can upload your own 3D file on the site of 3D jewellery provider’s site or contact your nearest showroom for custom printing. Therefore, you can now give your imaginations true colours with 3D printing technology support.


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