Distribution Management System – Electrical Efficiency
09.09.2016 10:49

                                                            Distribution Management System

In the middle of the 21st century when the sole driving force behind any industry is the electrical energy the efficient management is strictly viable only through controlling its distribution through DMS. It even allows its operators to manage and execute the energy power flow, applies check measures in case of overloads hence increasing efficiency of the system. 

The distribution system works in harmony with other crucially important applications, such as Geographic Information, Interactive Voice Response System. The role of outage management system (OMS) is to provide for a comprehensive design of the distribution operations. 

An Overview 

To monitor the distribution network in a more reliable and swift manner an amalgamation of applications in a synchronized way is done through Distribution Management System. It not only helps in monitoring but acts as a decision head while controlling the distribution system. DMS solution has numerous functions and majority of it is to support tools for utility planning, visualization of the network, schemes for protection of the system.

There is a need for vendors to provide for a smarter, more efficient solution based DMS to minimize the risk and ensure for implementations. The utilities are on a lookout for a comprehensive solution based implementation.  

Some of the challenges which the DMS system has to undergo are when it is under restoration in cases of storms and other failures in the network. Moreover, over the time when the workforce ages and comes under immense pressure to optimize the existing equipments. It is a system which is swiftly becoming an integral component which is decreasing the complexity of the network of electric energy. 

Some of the key affairs of the Distribution Management System which enables the network to work efficiently, it includes managing and modeling of the network, controlling of the power system, merge distributed and renewable generations,  manage crew according to their requirement and also field work, develop methods to analyze and improvise the network.  

Additional benefits of the management of distribution system in the operation of network to the consumers and the enterprises are that it provides actionable and accessible information, a proficient customer service, an open system, provides for a more effective approach to meet the regulatory requirements, ensures safety of the network and workforce an d also provides a simple training and friendly and equipped workstations. 

 DMS is a solution based operation which takes OMS to another horizon by giving an end to end view of the whole power distribution system on the other hand most of the utilities use IT solution for their OMS.  While the distribution system handles the real data and provides whole information in a integrated and comprehensive manner.



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