Empowering Mass Customization With Unique 3D Jewellery Designs
21.09.2016 10:56

                                        3D Jewellery Designs | Image Resource : southindiajewels.com

Majority of the companies who have made their way to the 3D printing technology provide clients an opportunity to co-design their jewellery with the help of user-friendly applications or software so that anyone can have a personalized and exceptional master piece in a matter of minutes. But, how is this possible and what are the various designs that you should watch out for? 

Well, if you are struggling with these questions then worry no more, as this article explains the importance of customization for 3D jewellery designs along with a few incredible ideas that have remained to be popular for a long period of time. 

Why Customize 3D Jewellery Designs?

The jewellery that you wear is a mirror of your style and personality. If you are someone who idolizes latest fashion and tends then the same would be reflected in the jewellery that you carry, on the hand if you are huge fan of the timeless designs then yet again that becomes your simple fashion statement. The thing here is that the requirements of every person may not be similar, and this is where customization has a major role to play.  

By customizing the jewellery designs with the help of a professional you can easily 

  • Provide the design a unique touch which speaks for itself
  • Get the design of dreams into reality 
  • Choose from any style, shape or patterns that you love and
  • Create something which is exclusively meant for you 

So, no matter what your expectations are, customizing the 3D jewellery designs can indeed lead to a huge difference. This is the reason why more and more companies encourage the involvement of customers when designing an adorable piece of jewellery for them.   

Common Examples of Unique 3D Jewellery Designs

To help you understand what exactly these designs are and how you can customize them, here are a few examples that can be of good help. 

Shape combination rings: This is an incredible style, where one ring comprises of multiple shapes, where each one of them compliments each other flawlessly. 

Personalized cufflinks: In this unique 3D jewellery designs you can not only experiment with the style or patterns but at the same time have words or symbols that are important to you. 

Geometric rings:  Perhaps one of the most well known 3D jewellery design is the geometric rings which consists of various patterns in the form of geometries like hexagon, triangles, squares, trapezium and a lot more.


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