Grow Your Perspective Into Professional Statement With MBA In Operations Management
30.06.2018 09:34

Are you applying for MBA? Well, congratulations, you are half way through a success career. But well, just the thought of the same in not enough. It’s time for you to have sufficient information on operations management course. Before you open a new tab, it is important to understand few guidelines on where operations management studies in going to take your further?

All that you need to know about MBA in Operations management
MBA degree in the field of operations management, in general, is a 2 years or less post graduation study program. Students with a bachelor’s degree in a concerned stream can apply for MBA in operations management. Please note, for every institute and university, the criteria of selection varies. At some institutes, the minimum of 55% grades or similar GPA marks are recognized as in other universities, your professional experience will be given more focus!

Speaking of operations management, this program plays an integral role in the career of students as operations needs in a management is considered as an important function of the company. And thus MBA in operations management helps you understand the valuable forms and needs of a company at every step and decision making. 

How many students opt for MBA in operations management?
To your shock, the competition in the field of operations management is quite low! As per the statistics, about 10% of MBA students enroll for MBA in operations as compared to that of Finance and marketing. And hence, the competition in the similar race is quite achievable and students can grow their career in the field of operations rapidly. Just the right amount of knowledge combined with right methodology is what you need to succeed in the field of operations. 

In order to apply for MBA in operations management, other than your bachelor’s degree, students need to prepare for entrance examinations as well. To enroll for top institutes, the cut off range is quotes under 90-99 percentage in CAT and 250-300 for CMAT. So prepare yourself with a decent score in the entrance examination and focus yourself to learn the operations skills which are mandate requirement with the growing need and competition. Once you have focus and positive energy to grow in your career, an obstacle will be nothing but an opportunity to work under your favor! Just a little push at the right time and confidence to build your career is enough to prepare you with a meal of successful future!


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