How To Choose The Best Part-Time MBA?
14.07.2018 12:16

Part-time MBA has always been the ideal choice for the working professionals who do not want to give up on their job. In order to advance their career, opting for an Executive MBA has always been on their priority list. However, with the ample of institutes offering several courses, choosing a right one can be a tedious task. 

Here are the steps that will help you to choose the best part-time MBA:

Why do you want to enroll yourself in MBA?
The first and the foremost question that needs to be answered – Why MBA? The possible answers could be – 

  • Career change
  • Change in job function
  • Change in industry
  • Skill Advancement 

On the basis of above reasons, you can choose an appropriate MBA program for you. If you are looking for a career change, you need to investigate about the specializations offered under MBA which ensures promising career prospects. Finance and Marketing have always been the hot-picks; MBA courses offer specialization in diverse fields like IT and Computers, Telecom, etc. For the change in the job function or industry you need  upgrade your function skills and for that the area of specialization must be chosen accordingly. A finance executive looking to move in the field of import and export should opt for International Business as the area of specialization. If you are looking to advance your skills, you should opt for marketing as a specialization. 

What shall be the ROI?
Enhancing the ROI is one of the crucial factors in choosing the right part-time MBA course. While the premier B-Schools with hefty fee structures offer promising ROI, selecting the right B School that can justify the cost, of course, need diligent research. You can refer the alumina of the B-Schools which you are targeting to receive a candid feedback. Moreover, you need to inquire about the faculty which is handling the area of specialization. Unlike conventional MBA course, best part-time MBA programs are the fast track courses with extensive curriculum and thus faculty plays a vital role in getting you through your program.

Ranking of B-Schools
The ranking of any B-School is directly proportional to its placement assistance. It seems to be a negligible aspect for the aspirants who are already working, but it should be overlooked. Premier B School offers the best job opportunities to its aspirants which is otherwise a quest in a dynamic job scenario. Hence, if you enroll yourself in one of the top B-Schools, you can have the best career prospects. 

By keeping above mentioned aspects in mind, you will be able to select appropriate part-time MBA program for yourself that will give you an exceptional professional edge.


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