How To Open A Trading Account And Initiate Transactions According To Your Needs?
02.07.2018 16:57

How to open a Trading Account | Image Resource: freepik.com

Stock trading is a highly exciting activity, one that can bring in huge profits, provided you can read the market movements right. At times, a stock that was moving upwards can bring in huge income but suddenly it can come crashing down, resulting in losses. Traders now have different types of securities to buy, sell and transfer through which they can gain the kind of profits they desired in a short period of time.  With the influx of online trading facilities, buying and selling of stocks and other securities is now easier than before. 

Steps On How To Open A Trading Account? 

Online trading can be done by first opening a Demat account. Also known as the dematerialized account, it holds all the securities that you own in their electronic form. With an account, all you have to do is log into it to view various transaction details at any time or the details of any particular security. It take very little time to open one as the steps for How to open a trading account are very simple:

  • Contact a Depository participant to get a Demat account opening form
  • Fill the application form with accurate details and submit it for review to the DP with requisite proof documents
  • After the DP has approved the application get login and password details from the DP
  • Open the account by logging in using given details. You can change password afterwards
  • Start trading in stocks that you want in half an hour after opening the account
  • After the account has been opened, you will find that it reflects all your trading actions right away

With the Demat account now available to you, check out its many features. You will find its facilities for purchase and sale of stocks or bonds to be highly efficient, enabling you to trade as much as you want as and when required. Use it to carry out the kind of trade you want, based on your decisions which reflect the current market movements. 

It gives the freedom to trade according to want you want to deal with, rather than listening to the advice and compulsion of a broker who wants you to put money into a specific stock or bond, which you might not really want to do. Demat account opening is a simple process and  by having one, you do not have to worry about dealing in paper securities, which can get lost, damaged or stolen.


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