How to Prepare for the Entrance Exam for MBA in Few Months
20.12.2016 15:21

Have you completed your bachelor degree? Started planning for the post graduation? The best way to start your career in a new way and to give it a new dimension is to pursue the course of MBA. 

Getting an admission in a business school is not a tough thing, at all, as there are so many colleges in India at present. However, to get admission in a top rated B-school is a tough task.

There will be placement in all colleges. In fact, some of the colleges do offer placement, and they have their placement cell, but they are not good enough to give you the proper career options after completion of the course. 

So, a good college is essential for you. How to get admission into such college is the thousand dollar question. The only option is to score high in the entrance exam for MBA.This is again not an easy task. 

How to Prepare For Entrance Exam for MBA

The first part that plays a very vital role is preparation for the entrance exams. There are a large number of entrance exams conducted by different institutions and universities. You might be planning to appear in all the tests. That will be a great idea for you. Getting the application forms of the test and submitting them is a different thing. Before everything, start preparing for the entrance tests.

Start Preparing 

To start preparation, you will have to check the papers of the previous year. There is nothing that you will get common from there, but the question pattern that you will find is common in all the tests. So, get the papers, find the number of segments, like English, general knowledge, maths. 

Then search out how many questions are there in each part. Now make a plot in your mind about the timing that you will allot for each segment in the exam hall. This will increase the speed as well as accuracy desired to crack the same. 

Match Your Speed 

The next part is to match your speed with the desired speed of yours. Unless you match that speed, you will not be able to score high in the test. However, speed can then only be developed, when you have got adequate knowledge on the subject, and you know the different techniques to solve the questions faster. 

So, it is time to practice hard for the entrance exam for MBA and generate the speed with proper perfection. This is the key to your success. 

With the above guide, you are now ready to prepare yourself for the courses and get high percentile in the exams. If you score high, then you will see that good colleges will call you for the GD and interviews.


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