Royal Indian Wedding Cards: For Luring The Guests
20.03.2017 13:40

Royal Indian Wedding Cards

Royal Indian Wedding Cards | Image Resource : sevenpromises.com

It always takes time to fix the marriage dates. The auspicious day in India gets fix only after extended consultation with the priest. Though, people are getting par with the generation and not believe in any superstition but the elders are still steeped into it. This is a very grand occasion and the festivities of the Indian wedding start at least a week earlier. People have plan for different ceremonies and rituals, everyone in India wants to celebrate their wedding as grandly as possible.

As every Indian wedding have few festivities before the marriage like Mehndi, sangeet, parties and reception, this creates an exciting environment in the houses. All these are to be included in royal Indian wedding Cards. Every Indian has a dream to marry in Udaipur palace, this palace is a main destination for weddings where all the marriage ceremony and rituals would be taken care of. Everyone in the house gets so excited about the marriage that they start shopping and preparing for the wedding before months itself.

Royal India wedding invitations, toughest part of wedding plans

The planning for royal Indian wedding Cards can be a very stressful event and moreover we need to match the card’s royalty with the marriage grandness, otherwise there is no point sending a pale and an odd card for a very grand marriage. The planning for this takes time because it depends on the list of the guests that are going to be invited. The creativity should not be compromised when it comes to royal cards and it should be at par with the time and the generation. As we know that wedding invitation is considered to be the most important part of the wedding plan because the reason for wedding invitation is that it shows the gist of the auspicious function and creative the card is more luring it would be.

Royal Indian Wedding Cards Invitation

Royal Indian Wedding Cards Invitation | Image Resource : sevenpromises.com

What royal Indian wedding cards be like

These royal Indian wedding Cards are apparently designer cards, where you specially get the cards designed by some designer. The cards are very expensive but when it comes to the daughter’s wedding a father wouldn’t look for the cost.

The cards have very amusing features and they are presented in a very unique way and the style of opening and their covers are very unique. When someone receives these types of cards, the decision of attending that marriage is made there itself.

As the card depicts royalty of the marriage, the cards are very attractive, the guests are attracted the moment they see the royal Indian wedding cards.

Marriage is a festival of joy, right?

The marriage is like a festival, the festivities and all the ceremony around create an aura of happiness and joy. There is no limit to happiness at this time. There is prolonged preparation made for the food, place where the marriage and all other functions will held, decorations and lot more, this list is never ending and whenever we decide something it always feels less we always want to do more and more and get the best out of it.

However in some parts of India marriage is still considered to be a source of income and burden for bride’s father because people take dowry, most shocking and annoying this is that the people are ready to give dowry just to their daughter marry. This is an occasion of happiness where everyone should enjoy and where the aura of excitement cannot be compared to money and some people have made marriage immaterial because of this greed and which kills the excitement of the occasion. This occasion should be enjoyed to our fullest and not to fulfill our greed. So, make the best royal Indian wedding invite.


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