What Is The Best Type Of Rudraksha For Health And Vitality?
01.08.2018 12:47

Rudraksha for health

Today people are seeking better way to improve their health rather than just taking medication.  Why? Modern medicine has caused many side effects, which is not found in alternative therapy. Out of many such ways to heal the body through other forms of treatment, worshipping Rudraksha beads or wearing them is a practice that has been followed since ancient times.

Rudraksha Beads That Offer Health Benefits
3 Mukhi Rudraksha is known for its powers to protect the body from stomach and liver problems. It eliminates negative karma which is important to be free from failures and move into the path of success. Removal of sins also makes way for a person to enjoy sound health and vitality.

5 Mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Lord Rudra Kalinga and is said to remove the malefic effects of planet Jupiter. It is very commonly used in malas and when chanting mantras due to this effect and is mainly needed to gain the grace of Lord Shiva. It bestows on the wearer the ability to resist diseases and maintain good health. 

7 Mukhi Rudraksha is governed by the planet Venus and hence wearing it bestows all worldly pleasure in life, removes the obstacles caused bad luck. As the ruling god of this bead is Goddess Lakshmi, worshipping it bring better financial status, but also removes the problems caused to health due to hardships in life. 

9 Mukhi  Rudraksha is ruled by goddess Durga, who is known to bestow good health and vitality on the worshipper. Wearing this bead makes a person fearless, dynamic and also saves him from any type of ailment that can bring down success in life.

11 Mukhi Rudraksha is very powerful because it is ruled by the 11 Rudras. It has the ability to bestow good health by removing the malefic effects of all nine planets. It is also known to awaken divine consciousness, bring about sound judgment and give control over all senses.

The 15 Mukhi Rudraksha is a very health healing bead as it has the ability to alleviate the body from blood pressure, allergy, cholesterol and other ailments. Ruled by Pashupati Shiva, it bestows upon the wearer success in all facets of life.

Buy Rudraksha For Health Online 
Now you can buy any rudraksha for health you want by ordering it from online stores. Here they are available at the lowest prices. You will find the beads available in different facets or Mukhis, each of which have a special spiritual benefit.  The beads can be found in the form of a mala, bracelet, pendant or ring which can be worn for good spiritual benefits.


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