Increasing Demand and Popularity of B Schools in India
21.12.2016 11:45

Number of students pursuing MBA in India has increased in comparison to last few years and this number is continuously going on increasing. Not just MBA, students are passing out from class 12th and are aiming for courses like BBA so that they can continue it with MBA courses. 

With the high number of candidates enrolling every year in such courses today, the number of government as well as private b schools in India is also increasing. There was a time a few years ago when there were limited number of b schools and hence all the students were not able to get their dreams fulfilled. But now with the increasing number of business schools, you can select from the best options for yourself. 

Procedures to Get into the B Schools in India

If you are planning to take admission in the best business school of India, then it is necessary that you have to appear for the entrance test for the same. There are a number of entrance tests that different b schools go for. But the most common one is the MAT and CAT tests. 

Over the increasing demand of b schools and MBA degree, now also there are various other options available such as the executive MBA. B schools in India offer the course of executive MBA for candidates who have an experience of more than 3 years in a particular job field. 

Even for the executive MBA course, you need to go for an entrance test such as GMAT to get admission in the best business schools. 

Different Programs and Options

Though both MBA and executive MBA have a difference of time duration, the course is almost same. The first half of the course is dedicated to almost all the subjects that can be covered up such as communication, accounts, human resource, business strategies and many others. From the second half of the course, you are supposed to take specialization in any of the desired subjects, on which you will be taking up your future career. 

Distance learning programs are a great help for candidates who are taking up executive MBA as their course. But today even some of the students take up MBA course and even at times the BBA courses in distance learning

Thus, the demand for business schools in India has been increasing not only due to MBA courses, but also various other courses such as the executive MBA as well as the BBA courses recently. 


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