Preparing the checklist with SEO Company in Mumbai
24.12.2016 11:19

The world is changing and so is the way, and so is the way they have started marketing their products. Many companies, apart from having physical stores are moving their attention towards digital marketing. Brands have understood their prospective consumers spend more time on the internet and it is a better way to target them. A lot of companies have started investing in digital as a full-fledged marketing expense. Digital marketing drives traffic to various websites and blogs. 

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This process of SEO is free and organic. This search depends upon the use of right keywords for promotions. There are many SEO companies in Mumbai that provide assistance for such kind of keyword marketing.  There are many brands that look for best SEO Company in Mumbai to help them reach and target the right audience through this kind of keyword marketing. 


 SEO Compnay in Mumbai

Checklist for SEO

All the top SEO Companies in Mumbai provide a certain checklist that makes for a good SEO oriented website. 

- Page content
Every page should have a defined target keyword group and the copy should be unique, well written, engaging and very interesting. You should remember that, you need to write for the users and not for the search engine. A SEO company in Mumbai will always abide by content being the king. 

-Page Layout
A good layouts makes the content on it look good. 

The title and meta description always describe in brief what your page is all about. You can use as many words as possible but always remember to place the keyword first. 

Use semantic headings that makes it better for communication.

-XML Sitemap
It should use a webmaster tool and robots. Javascript is big part of the functionality for the site. It is helpful for crawlers.
-Status codes
Use of certain codes for specific pages. 

Pages should opened within 1 or 2 clicks from the pages. This navigation gives your consumers a user friendly experience. 

Also a website with a good SEO should be able to eliminate all the duplicate content problems. 


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