Reasons Of Using 3D Printing Technology For Corporate Gifting
17.10.2016 14:05

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The employees and the clients or customers are the pillars for the success of any business organization. Hence, it is the duty of the company owners to keep them always in good mood, so that the profit level of the company remains constant or even increase further. The custom of giving gifts on special occasions is a widely practiced method of pleasing the people who are responsible for the business growth.

Benefits of using 3D printed items for corporate gifting

Apart from the owner of the company, many managers or team leaders also give corporate gifts to their junior team members, either on special occasions or as the recognitions of their hard works, mainly after the successful completion of any project or achieving their targets. 

This idea of corporate gifting is mainly to improve the relationships between the givers and the receivers of these gifts. The satisfied employees are more prone to share their work related problems with their seniors, thus helping in the improvement of the work culture. 

The 3D printed objects are now highly preferred as the corporate gifts, by the mid-level managers and team leaders, as well as by the CEO of any commercial company. 

  • Reasonable costs – The prices of most of the readymade 3D printed objects are quite inexpensive, compared to the other similar products of the market. As most of the times, the corporate gifts are needed to be purchased in bulks, the total costs of these gifts become even cheaper. The service charges of the professional 3D printers for imprinting company logo and company name over all the gift items are also affordable by the managers and senior company staff. 
  • Attractive designs and colors – The 3D printed paperweights, desk calendars, wallets or the pen stands are found in vibrant colors and patterns, which attract the attention of all the onlookers, as well as make the receivers feel jubilant about their brilliant gifts. 
  • Chance of brand promotion – As the company logos and names are imprinted or embedded by 3D printing in all types of corporate gifts, every company seize the chance to use this style of corporate gifting for their brand promotion as well. These corporate gifts attract the eyes of many acquaintances of the employees, who receive these products of innovative patterns or designs; thus spreading the identities of these companies. 
  • Durability of the 3D printed products – Most of the 3D printed gift items are created from thermoplastic and flexible fibers, which are highly durable in nature. Hence, the longevity of these products satisfy the actual reasons of corporate gift ideas.



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